Tomas Hillebrand

Tomas Hillebrand seeks perfection. Romanticism is one of the main sources of inspiration for his work and his artistic practice. The irrational personal affectivity as well as the imagination of the fantastic are essential values in his work – a reaction to the rational society in which we live. Hillebrand links to a group of artists who show a renewed interest in the art of the 19th century which depicts the world as individual experiences or dreams. His glass sculptures, various blown domes filled with water, refer to snow globes: a beloved souvenir, a nostalgic object and also a memory of visited popular places. Hillebrand creates his own world by releasing the dome from its cliched symbol of snow and the monumental characteristics of landmarks. The unaffected nature is idealized – not by its imitation, but by trying to depict the deeper essence of the beauty of nature. Hillebrand does not show us pictorial elements in his snow domes, instead he indicates them: He visualizes its imagination by using natural elements such as water, sand or cork, outside of the constraints of place and time. Tomas Hillebrand creates imaginary, utopian worlds, that are connected with the most valuable human quality: hope. The domes almost seem to become objects of meditation like scholar rocks or traditional Japanese meditation gardens. The various associative materials used, seduce the viewer in a contemplative manner to connect with the deeper affectivity and the perception of beauty that lies in their instinctive memory. Hillebrand invites us to useour imagination and fantasy.



Visual Artist

Conservator, artistic direction exhibitions Museum Jan 


1997 – 2002 Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Free Media

1996 – 2002 Assistance, Atelier Jan Verschoor (sculptor), Amstelveen

Solo Exhibitions

2017 ‘Elysium – Barbara Nanning & Tomas Hillebrand’ double Solo, Curated by Mr. Gao Yi and Mr. Xie Yaping,
T² International Contemporary Art Center, Chongqing, China

2016 “Things Are Not Always As They Seem” double Solo with Stefan Annerel, Zhong Gallery Beijing, China

2013 “Tomas Hillebrand in Japan”, Museum Jan Van der Togt, Amstelveen

2013 “Tomas Hillebrand in Japan”, Royal Leerdam, Leerdam
2008 “A mon seul Désir”, Galerie Smits, Amsterdam

Group Exhibitions

2022 Kunstrai Huub Hannen Galerie
2020/21 ‘Rêverie’ Museum Villa Les Zéphyrs, Middelkerke Belgium, curator: Isolde de Buck.
2018 Impressionism & and Beyond. A Wonderful Journey, Van Vlissingen Art Foundation, Singer Museum Laren
2016 PAN Amsterdam, Morentz

2015 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
2014 PAN Amsterdam, Per van der Horst, Den Haag

2014 Kunstrai Amsterdam, Huub Hannen Galerie Maastricht
2014 Huub Hannen Galerie, Maastricht

2011 Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam

2010 Art Amsterdam / Huub Hannen Galerie

2009 Duo show with Toon Laurense, Huub Hannen Galerie, Maastricht

2009 Museum Jan van der Togt

2008 Huub Hannen Galerie, Maastricht

2008 “Leven op de maan”, work on paper. (duo show with Marijke Sjollema), Galerie Smits, Amsterdam

2008 Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen

2008 “Amsterdamse glaskunstenaars”, Galerie Het gouden schepel, Doesburg

2007 “De keuze van André Mulder”, KCA Aalsmeer

2004 “Jonge kunstenaars” (with Margret Gudmundsdóttir, Helgi Thorsson en Malin Persson)
Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen
2003 ASK! “Omtrent de Biënnale van Venetië”, Gent,(B), (in cooperation with Renske Gerstel )

2002 Bookie Wookie Books by Artists, Amsterdam

2002 “Gerrit Rietveld Academie”, Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Amstelveen

2002 Unilever Rotterdam

2002 Shell Young Art Award
2002, Shell Amsterdam

2002 Gerrit Rietveld Academy graduation exposition

2002 “A Haunted House of Art”, Outline, Amsterdam, curator: Gabriël Leste


2013 De stichting Van Vlissingen Art Foundation

Work in collections:

DELA kunstcollectie (2022)
Museum Escher in het paleis, Den Haag (3 pieces 2021)

Carla and Hugo Brown, The Hague/Glasgow(UK) (2008, 2013)

De Heus-Zomer, Barneveld (2013)

Mr. and Ms. Fentener van Vlissingen-Comtesse de Pourtalés (3 pieces: 2010,2013,2013)

Museum JAN, Amstelveen (4 pieces: 2004,2008,2008,2013)

Schouwburg Amstelveen (3 pieces:2010)

Achmea Kunstcollectie, Zeist (2008)

Comissioned projects

2017 Design of the Artworks – Royal Afternoon Tea Crockery for Intercontinental Amstel Hotel Amsterdam in collaboration with Nina Constantinescu
 / Super Collective

2010 Trophy Design for  TWOTY Award Amsterdam


Member of
 Art-society Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam


2019 “Verder zien” tien kunstenaars over reizen & inspiratie stichting Van Vlissingen Art Foundation, Waanders Uitgevers

2013 “Tomas Hillebrand in Japan”, written by Marcel Brouwer and with landscape photography by Atsushi Okuyama, De stichting Van Vlissingen Art Foundation

Publications - selection

TopTime magazine, “Tomas Hillebrand” written by Prof. Ruud Lapré, spring 2015

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Amstel Hotel Magazine, no2 2013-2014

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Van Buiten en Beaufort
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Tubelight, march/april 2002, “Vies Torenkamertje” (A Haunted Hause of Art), Minka Bos