Tomas Hillebrand uses natural materials for his creations. He is particularly fascinated by the relationship between the inconsequential individual and nature. In his works, the artist strives for a contemporary interpretation of 19th century romanticism.


Exhibition Rêverie -
Villa Les Zéphyrs

De wintertentoonstelling Rêverie is geïnspireerd door de melancholische compositie van Claude Debussy en de grote voorliefde van architect Oscar Van de Voorde voor de ‘schoone ambachten’. Curator Isolde De Buck koos tien kunstenaars die op ambachtelijke wijze kunst maken en zo de authentieke ziel van Villa Les Zéphyrs verrijken.

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“The irrational personal affectivity as well as the imagination of the fantastic are essential values in his work – a reaction to the rational society in which we live.”

Mandy Prins Projectcoordinator BVB Collections

Hillebrand does not provide a true reflection of the world, but rather provides a distorted reality that creates a separate reality, which is among other things based on memories.

Marcel Brouwer

In Japan he was introduced to the Japanese landscape as well as to lacquer master Tetsuo Gido. The landscape photographs that were taken show nature in its purest form. A purity that leaves room for one’s imagination. Universal images that have an overwhelming effect, which is something Hillebrand tries to realize in his own glass sculptures.

John A. Fentener van Vlissingen Van Vlissingen Art Foundation

The artist uses the concrete world in order to realize an experience that is a cross between the supernatural and the earthly. In doing so, he mixes up memories of reality and encourages viewers to use their own imagination.

Marcel Brouwer


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